Byunbaek parrots Zitao..again

I say eggs..you say owwww

taos-bulge asked:
Hey hey :) are you from Korea?


omg. you are so lame. i love you. /throws pixie dust everywhere

/shed unicorn tears

oh no! unicorn tears are to precious to shed! /throw tissues at you/ please don't cry. (but if you do, bottle those tears and sell them. you can make millions of dollars - wise words from suho)

…wise my ass, be a good gurl and tell him I want to borrow his Visa card


Anonymous asked:
what does nugu mean

누구? [kor.] = who?
..slang? for…a nobody, unknown/unfamous person on the net

you’re super lame, so lame even kris goes wow shes embarassing and shakes his head in 2nd hand embarrassment


I adore you too, gramps <3

Anonymous asked:
imo u are a great prs wit a hella rad sense of humour. I love to read ur tags, ur answers are funny, yet insightful. I always want to get to know u but I don't have the guts becos u'r famous here and I am so lame :'(

me while reading this….

anon, listen…I’m sorry to breaking this news to you but…*grab shoulder*we’re all hella lame here, okay? You lame, me lame, everybody lame. (no offense but yes we are…I mean c’mon we run blogs about some hot dudes we don’t know about or do they know about our existence at all…?)
And all that bs of tumblr famous and nugu or “lame” is just ridiculous!
I just find it sad and sometimes degrading even to set a benchmark/define  what of a person you are arcording to a number. It doesn’t and it should never be, okay?

You need to stop thinking like this srsly, cherish yourself more~ and I’d love to if you’re comfortable enough talking to me soon or better yet,  come out so my lame ass can start lame conversations with you, yeh?
I insist, thanks~~~ ÖwÖ?

The worst type of crying is the silent one.
The one where you just want to scream.
The one where you can't breathe anymore.
The one that makes you realise the person
Who meant most to you...is gone.


those posts you find really funny but made by ppl you hate


Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible.”
- Things I’ll teach my children (via aworldofexperiences)
Anonymous asked:
ur gifs are always so HD clear and less shaky than the source videos, HOW??????????


Tao making everyone questioning their sexual orientationor he just want a bobo?